Our Story

What happens when a leading traditional architectural firm teams up with a pioneering solar eco-entrepreneur?

The popularity of energy-efficient homes has grown, yet available sustainable design options look remarkably similar.

We found ourselves asking “Why is sustainable design so often interpreted as futuristic and modern? Where is the traditionally-inspired, green architecture that fits harmoniously into New England neighborhoods and landscapes?”

In answering these questions, Redberry was born. This new venture is a collaboration between Union Studio Architecture and Community Design, a nationally recognized leader in the design of compact, traditionally-inspired homes, and Bob Chew, a pioneering eco-entrepreneur with 35 years of success innovating the real-world application of solar power. Together we have re-imagined the solar home as a holistic and integrated marriage of state-of-the-art sustainable techniques and the time-tested forms and patterns of our regional architectural styles. Redberry homes make net-zero living a reality while looking – and living – like traditional homes.

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